my weight loss journey

This is all about my weight losss journey. I have health problems related to my excess weight. I have many reasons to lose the weight once & for all. I feel I am finally ready to finish this, but I also know how hard this is going to be.
Anyone who wants to be support for each other is welcome to comment. Or maybe you have helpful suggestions, since I'm doing this on my own, I'll welcome any help
Thanks :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing myself

I have had a weight problem for about 20 yrs, quitting smoking 9 yrs. ago added more weight & different stresses in my life added more again.
I have tried a few times to lose weight but only added more weight on.  I think maybe I needed more motivation, to stick with it.
 So, my asthma had been hard to control for a while. Then, twice last year I had pnemonia, once I was hospitalized in ICU, then I found out later that I was pre-diabetic & my cholesterol was high.
Our 4 grandchildren have all been born in the last 2&1/2 yrs. & they have been a huge motivation since then. Keeping my health as a priority will mean being around with my grandkids for longer.
So, in Sept. of last year I joined a gym & started recording what I ate & how much I exercised etc. & I managed to lose 12lb. My starting weight then was 231 lb. Over Christmas I gained 5lb. which brought me up to 224 lb.  I'm definitely ready to start again, otherwise I know my weight will creep back up & probably more.
 Recently I found about the x-weighted national challenge. The challenge starts on Sat. Jan. 15 & goes for 6 months until Jul.15/11
There are lots of prizes & lots of support on the site. They have set my goal at losing 58 lb. I'm so hoping I can lose that much in that time frame!! I want to eventually get down to 150 lb. which will mean a total loss of 81 lb.
I have decided to go low carb to get the weight off. I want to make healthy choices & do things I can sustain for the rest of my life.
Wish me luck