my weight loss journey

This is all about my weight losss journey. I have health problems related to my excess weight. I have many reasons to lose the weight once & for all. I feel I am finally ready to finish this, but I also know how hard this is going to be.
Anyone who wants to be support for each other is welcome to comment. Or maybe you have helpful suggestions, since I'm doing this on my own, I'll welcome any help
Thanks :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

end of week 1 & starting week 2

Well, it's the end of week 1!
I ate low carb, although I did have some slip-ups. I tracked my food through  & stayed within my calorie goal most days. I tracked my exercise minutes on & logged on 6:40. Towards the end of the week, I realized I wasn't drinking enough water & started tracking that on paper.
So all in all I did pretty good & I'm proud of myself! I have to say I wish the scale would have showed more of a loss with all of that hard work I did.
I need to stay focused & to keep patient.
As far as the low-carb diet goes, I need to add MORE veggies. I need to be within my calorie goals on ALL days. I plan to increase my exercise minutes by at least 15min. & finally I need to drink enough water on ALL days.
Let's hope the results of week 2 are better for me :)

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  1. opps , I don't think I posted that my weight loss was 2lb. for this past week lol